CoMED, Vienna, Austria | Architect: ad2 architekten | © Herta Hurnaus


Building Type: Private housing
Location: Vienna, Austria
Architect: ad2 architekten
Construction: Bonded
Year of construction: 2016
Material: ALUCOBOND® spectra & sparkling Galaxy blue (918)
Quantity: 1.200 m2

© Herta Hurnaus

High above Vienna is the private detached house “CoMED”. A demanding project due to the requirements, specifications and restrictions, that was planned by ad2 Architects.

The architects worked with a south-westerly gradient, which perfectly represents the sun's course and also offers a great view of the city of Vienna. Also the high demands of the clients, such as children's rooms with bath, open kitchen with “bar”, outdoor seating as dining place, could be fulfilled. Furthermore, the team of ad2 Architects also considered the height requirements with the desired maximum volume and worked with the “maximum design”.

As a result, four floors were built with closed sides to the street, extensive glazing with a view of Vienna and the adjoining garden. Thus the daylight is carried perfectly into the house. Around the house there is a metal fence and a tree, which prevents view relations.

The spectacular façade of the detached house was clad with ALUCOBOND® spectra Galaxy Blue.


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