No. 18 – Styles

Every style comprises not only unifying but also differentiating features. A combination of distinctive design elements expressed in a consistent manner is the basis of a particular style. The unity of a style does not exclude variety – variety is found in unity. No matter whether in typography, fashion or music, each style reflects the spirit of its time: be it restrained Biedermeier or challenging Pop Art. The appearance of buildings from different eras still clearly reflects the style of the times. However, style revivals have often adopted features from the past and reinterpreted them in a contemporary form. In this edition of Forms & Elements, we would like to present some projects in ALUCOBOND® illustrating modern interpretations of typical architectural styles.

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Villa Trefz Ingersheim, Germany, <br>Kai Dongus Ludwigsburg, <br>© Schwarz Fotodesign Villa Trefz Ingersheim, Germany,
Kai Dongus Ludwigsburg,
© Schwarz Fotodesign
Orona Zero Hernani, Spain, <br>Barrutieta + Goikoetxea + delaFuente + Perez, © Agustin Sagasti Orona Zero Hernani, Spain,
Barrutieta + Goikoetxea + delaFuente + Perez, © Agustin Sagasti
House of Music Aalborg, Denmark, <br>COOP HIMMELB(L)AU, Vienna, <br>© Duccio Malagamba House of Music Aalborg, Denmark,
© Duccio Malagamba