No. 35 – Metal

Have you heard of metal yoga? No, this is not a misprint. This is where the Heavy Metal scream replaces the usual contemplative yoga music and instead of inner reflection, emotions burst forth. The combination may seem odd, but it is not that odd. We all have trace metal elements in our blood. So why not pump this metal round the body by moving to the beat and? After all, our earth’s core is metal, the centre of all earthly life. Metal is incredibly durable: it can change shape, melt, liquefy and in hardening take on a new form. What is more, metal always remains metal. And so it combines durability with change, or more exactly, durability through change. This is precisely why metal is the perfect topic for this crisis-beleaguered autumn. Why some people cope better during this period than others is a good question. Maybe they do yoga or listen to music. And they accept that life is permanently changing and, like striking a metal coin in the minting process, it leaves its impression on our lives. Some lucky or adept people can decide for themselves which impressions they retain and which they discard. By reflecting on life experiences, these personalities become more resilient with every crisis. They face the world with serenity, authenticity and inner strength, and are perceived by others as particularly brilliant and charismatic. The buildings in this issue are reminiscent of this type of personality. It is always aluminium which creates their authentic metallic shimmer, but the strategies for durability and adaptability in time and space are completely individual.

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In this Issue

Green Line House, Poland, <br>Przemek Olczyk, Mobius Architects, <br>© Paweł Ulatowski Green Line House, Poland,
Przemek Olczyk, Mobius Architects,
© Paweł Ulatowski
Pelaren 1, Sweden, <br>Arkitektbyrån Studio, © Robin Hayes Pelaren 1, Sweden,
Arkitektbyrån Studio, © Robin Hayes
Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg, Germany, RKW Architektur +, <br>© Marcus Pietrek Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg, Germany, RKW Architektur +,
© Marcus Pietrek