Holiday Home, The Netherlands

Create your truly unique façade

Let yourself be inspired by the designs in our collections or design the decor of your building envelope yourself. We will also gladly realise individual design requirements.

  • ALUCOBOND® design offers excellent print quality (direct-to-substrate digital printing) with a particularly wide range of colours and large depth of colour; but it is also suitable for the realisation of contours, 3D effects or very individual design requirements.
    Of course, the range also includes metal (e.g. corten), wood, stone or concrete decors.
  • Embedded in our high-quality ALUCOBOND® coil coating, ALUCOBOND® design offers very durable and UV-stable design surfaces for outdoor use on façades.
  • The maximum sheet size without decor repetition is 1,500 mm x 5,000 mm;
    a size of 6,800 mm is possible with vector graphics.
  • We offer a high degree of flexibility with, at the same time, low minimum order quantities.
    300 sqm ALUCOBOND® PLUS; 500 sqm ALUCOBOND® A2
  • We will be very happy to support you with the realisation of your design requirements and any technical questions.

All this together with ALUCOBOND®'s proven deformation behaviour (e.g. folding, round bending) provide endless possibilities to your creativity and the design language of architecture.

ALUCOBOND® design surfaces

Projects with ALUCOBOND® design surfaces

Holiday Home (NL)

New Lynn Merchant (NZ)

Torun (PL)