Environmental Product
Declaration (EPD)


The Environmental Product Declaration is a certification for aluminium construction products which complies with the international ISO standards and is issued by the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e. V. (Institute for Building and Environment (IBU)).

Aluminium composite panels also have this certification which has now been extended. The document contains information on the environmental impact and the environmental implications of the product, such as water consumption, energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Our company is constantly working on continuous improvements concerning environmental protection and on the protection of natural resources.

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The Environmental Product Declaration is designed to facilitate the sustainability certification of buildings as detailed information about the product are required. On the one hand, the certification includes the results of the life cycle assessment. During this assessment it is calculated, among other things, how much energy is necessary in order to produce the construction materials for the building. It also contains information on the durability and recoverability as well as information on the release of Volatile Organic Compounds, 99% of which, in the case of ALUCOBOND®, are captured in the coil coating process. As the certification covers the entire life cycle of the product and is a comprehensive source of information that is internationally recognised, the Environmental Product Declaration has proven to be the most reliable source, representing the “ecological footprint” of aluminium construction products.

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