Unleash your creative passion: Inspiring façade design made easy!

Welcome to a world of limitless design possibilities with the ALUCOBOND® Facademaker 2.0! Bring your façade visions to life – in a playful way. Our online design tool gives your façade planning a new dynamic.

Experience aesthetics in action!

Plan your own façade designs or use the templates of already implemented projects as a starting point and give them your personal touch. The complete colour palette of ALUCOBOND® is at your disposal. Immerse yourself in a world of realistic simulation: Facademaker reflects the behaviour of the various surfaces, including reflections, shadow play and fascinating colour changes. The result? Appealing sketches that impress from every perspective.

Ready to visualise your dreams? Welcome to ALUCOBOND® Facademaker – your gateway to creative façade design!

Have fun experimenting! Open FACADEMAKER

Façade design made easy and enjoyable

What about a matt or glossy three-dimensional façade? Perhaps inverted? Should something else be rotated? Facademaker offers façade elements in nine different basic shapes: triangle, rhombus and parallelogram included. These shapes can be further adapted – in terms of proportion and alignment – using simple controls to alter them on the screen. Naturally, Facademaker 2.0 can also design flat façades.

Keep and share ideas

You have designed an interesting façade. So what happens next? Simply save the design as a PDF. If you like, you can also share it directly with others via email or social media. We are also happy to supply the BIM and DXF files for the design and offer advice on further façade planning.

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