Forms & Elements: Retrospective


55 years ALUCOBOND®. Our façades have enveloped and protected architectural space for over half a century. They have revealed the essence and unique atmosphere of each space by means of light, colour and texture. Some façades receive an enthusiastic response; others cause controversy, but all of them arouse interest and make an impact. This is because they are not just the reflection of a design concept; they are always related to the expectations and visual perceptions of the people within that environment. Time and fashion change these notions as do the function and location of a building. This explains why our ALUCOBOND® team has been working constantly on new solutions, more complex designs and on production techniques which enhance precision and sustainability. Our work has reaped rewards. Today, large and small buildings on every continent, in both urban and rural settings, serving a wide variety of functions and designed by very prestigious architects or their lesser-known colleagues, are clad in ALUCOBOND®. Today there is no building task which we cannot master. We believe it is the right time for a retrospective featuring a selection of our contemporary projects.

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