LEPIR 2 fire tests passed for ALUCOBOND® panels


Ahead of the changing fire regulations* in France ALUCOBOND® has successfully carried out a full scale test LEPIR 2** with EFECTIS in France for their ALUCOBOND® PLUS and A2 core panels. The new regulations require a higher fire safety level for cladding be it face fixed or cassette panels.

Its complete cladding solution thus combines the required technical compliance with the latest FIRE standards in France and aesthetics. The use of an intumescent cavity barrier to stop the ventilation in the air gap will allow changing from the usual steel framing around the windows and a visible barrier on the façade normally used in France – ALUCOBOND® being the only manufacturer of ACM to offer this solution thus far for visible and invisible fixing of the panels!

In accordance with the new French regulations ALUCOBOND® PLUS can be used up to 28 meters in height and ALUCOBOND® A2 for buildings above 28 meters.

* The regulation is mandatory as of January 1, 2020 according to the publication of August 7, 2019 which relates to the fire safety of residential buildings in new build and refurbishment projects, modifies the requirements and imposes a high level of fire safety for riveted / screwed and cassette cladding panels.

** Test report: LEPIR 2 n°EFR-18-LP-002782 / Certificate n° EFR-18-002782.

The latest projects realised with ALUCOBOND® PLUS and ALUCOBOND® A2, in particular on building above 28 m, confirm that material is essential in order to combine the fire resistance required by the new French regulations with other advantages of aesthetics and durability. The project Elithis Danube Tower in Strasbourg is the perfect example.

Tour Elithis Danube, Strasbourg, France
XTU Architects // Atalu // Soprema
© Elisabeth Leblanc

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